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there is only one thing to say

some times its fun to be just a little bit evil.

last night had its awesome momets, and a couple of odd ones. there is only one problem with going to shooters. i usually get stuck watching the stuff and the pool table while everyone else is smoking. so i sit inside by myself for at least 10min at a time. one of these days i'm just going to say fuck it and not care if we lose the table. i mean. its really weird to feel punished for not smoking. though i still have no inclanation to do it. other than that though last night was one of my favorites.

i just realized i have been out to a bar every night this week. monday was the blarney stone. tue and wed was the carriage house and last night was shooters. i wonder if i will go somewhere tonight. maybe. hopefully.

didn't get to bed till after 3:30. was at work by 8. i am so tired, but oh was it worht it. so so worht it. damn that couch is comfertable. i knoked right out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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