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i will beat this!

damn colds, i feel like crap, but i know i could feel worse so i guess the cold hasn't beat me completely. i just have to keep fighting it off. it sucked i couldn't go last night but i felt so ucky, and was so tired i was asleep before 11, and i'm use to staying out till at least 2 so that was very strange. i've only been out 3 times this week, i think i'm in a lull, oh no! i'm going to do what sam did

first 10 songs on shuffle, and say something about them.

1. Goodbye Again-Vertical Horizon
it's an okay song, sometimes i listen to it, sometimes i skip over it

2. Move Along--The All-American Rejects
i love this song, it always speaks to me (hahaha)

3. Spokesman-Goldfinger
i like this one cause it has a great beat, and i use to quote it for my myspace headline....who the fuck is felicity i have problems of my own

4. Lips of an Ange-Hinder
his voice is just so pretty!

5. Semi-Charmed Life-Third Eye Blind
i love the do do dos

6. Sweet's Song-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
not my fav from the episode but i had to have the entire soundtrack on my ipod

7. She Drives Me Crazy-Fine Young Cannibals
got to love one hit wonders

8. 100 Years-Five for Fighting
i still love this song, even if it used in commercials

9. 3 Small Words-Josie and the Pussycats
i do not need to explain myself t you

10. I Get a Kick out of You-Jeanmarie
its from anything goes, and its a cole porter song...need i say anymore

ok i'm done
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