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stir crazy

its 3 o'clock and i have an hour and a half to go and i just cant seem to sit still. plus i really don't have anything to do cause i am all caught up the csr's are way behind on invoicing. i know that when i come in next week there is going to be a huge pile on my desk and i am going to get way behind but there is nothing i can do about. there is nothing i can do if they don't do there job. i think that is the biggest complaint i have about my job. a lot of what i do depends on other people doing there shit first, so i have to do a lot of waiting.

i keep losing my spot cause the phone keeps ringing, and i keep getting text messages. though i guess the longer it takes me to write this. the less time i have till i can leave.

i'm going to hollywood this weekend. yeah! i haven't been since april's bday, so i am seriously excited. 

and its my birthday on tuesday, i'm gonna be at disneyland during the day and then i'm going to carriage house that night. if anyone wants to come you are more than welcome.

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