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adventures with the boys

last night was fun. i went to the cha with mark and ghoti (fish).  it was actually pretty busy for a wednseday night but it was a bunch of people i knew. we weren't planning to but we closed out the bar. and then went to dennys. i don't know why i think its a good idea to not get home till 3:30 on a day i have to be at work at 8 but i do it all the time. the conversations were fun as well. so janette you will be interested to know that i brought up ryan to mark. i asked mark if ryan was going to be at the stone on sunday, and he said not this sunday and i guess me face looked really relieved cause he said "i know that was creepy and i told him that, but he is my drummer." part of me wanted to ask what ryan said when mark told him he was creepy but i got destracted by a song. so i think ghoti was right when i told him about the incident on monday night (and his reaction was among the lines of "thats really creepy, and there is really no excuse for that) and marks reaction he said that mark was probably drunk  and would think differently about it when he was sober.

also got to talk to jen for awhile. i've met her a lot but this was the first real conversation between me and her. shes real cool.

i think i'm moving more furniture today. which is good because that means i will actually have a room soom and which is bad cause i am so tired. i don't know if i want to go out tonight. i'll have to see where the wind takes me. 
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