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time for an update

ok so for all of my friends who actually read this i guess i should make an update...hmm what dont some of you know? well im working again. im back at target. it kind if feels like a step back, but at least im doing more than just filling out job applacations. im very slowly but surley diiging myself out of my financial hole. again the emphasis is on slowly. at least im going in the right direction. love, but at least there has been a couple bright moments. some friends keep fadding in and out of my life. it can be hard to keep track of everyone. dont worry munstermomma its not you! im am so sick of tired of this cold. i have had it off and on since november. im over it. really. can anyone make it go away. my sister is in town. we went to disneyland last thursday. now that you can pay your anual pass monthly i was able to renew. so yay. she goes back to tennesse on tuesday. im glad that shes here because i did miss her, but some part of me gets a lil irked having to put the rest of my life on hold because she is here. i dont know if that is wrong of me, but thats just the way i feel. im not going out as much cause i dont really have the money and im tired of the same people paying for me. it makes me feel bad how much money they spend on me. i think i just need to spend more time at home. thats all i can think to write about now, but im sure as soon as i hit post i will think of a million different things i should of said
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